Directions to Prescott Pines Camp

  1. From Phoenix, take I-17 North until you reach “Highway 69” (the Cordes Junction turnoff – it will be the one with the sign that says “Prescott”).

  2. Exit and go West.

  3. Stay on 69 until you reach Prescott. You will go through Mayer, Humboldt, Dewey, Prescott Valley, and then come to Prescott.

  4. As you enter Prescott, HWY 69 splits, take the left lane “Gurley St. Business” exit.  Keep going on Gurley St. until you reach the light at Mt. Vernon St. (also called “Senator Highway”).  If you reach the courthouse you have gone too far.

  5. Turn left at Mt. Vernon St. and go up the hill approximately 4 miles.  You will pass the turn for Goldwater Lake about 3/4 mile before Schoolhouse Gulch Rd.

  6. Turn right onto Schoolhouse Gulch Rd (just past the 4 mile marker).  You will stay on the main dirt road and follow the signs for “Prescott Pines”.  These are residential streets, so please be courteous to the neighbors.

  7. Once on the campgrounds, the first building with a paved parking area will be the Welcome Center.

If you are bringing a bus, please have the bus stop at the Welcome Center to get instructions on where to drop your group off.