Get Involved


Why should you get involved?

Prescott Pines Christian Camp wants all people to experience God.  If that’s something that sounds like a worthy goal, then you should join us.  Those who are willing to give of their time and money allow us to go the extra mile. There are many ways to get involved.  We are always wanting to improve our property and add new and exciting recreation  We love to serve alongside volunteers to get special projects done. 

How to Donate...

Thank you for considering a donation to Prescott Pines. Prescott Pines is a 501c3 organization, so your donation is tax deductible. Please contact us if you are considering Prescott Pines in your estate planning at 928-445-5225. 


Any size gift is appreciated toward these projects.

Can’t decide? Consider a gift to “Operations”, and let us pick!

If you are interested in contributing to one of these projects, you have a few options:


  • You may donate digitally right here to the right.

  • You may mail your donation to: Prescott Pines 855 E. School House Gulch Rd., Prescott, Arizona, 86303

  • Contact Jim Trail at (928) 445-5225 or if you have any questions.

Coronavirus Relief Fund


How has the Corona Virus affected Prescott Pines camp?

I am so amazed at how fast things are changing in our world! 

Less than three weeks ago, the camp had a full calendar for spring and we were excited about the registrations for both Man Camp and our summer program camps. Our major concern was finding summer staff! 

When we learned that there were limits to the amount of people that could assemble in one place, we immediately lost 33 groups (through the end of May). There would be no income for two and a half months and all of our regular bills to pay. This is a revenue loss of over $185,000.

We established ten guidelines for dealing with the Corona Virus. One of those guidelines was that we would do whatever was necessary to protect the camp. Another was to do what was best for the staff, even if it hurts.

We have a staff (full and part time) of 41 people. Our leadership team made the decision to furlough all of our 28 part time and outdoor education employees. The full time staff took a 30% cut in pay. We also had the challenge of having 9 volunteer couples staying at the camp. 

We also shut down (think winterized) most of our buildings. We have inventoried our perishable and frozen food. We spent one day making up food baskets for all of the staff and volunteers, then gave more food to other people in the community. We have 2 – 3 phone contacts with every staff member each week. We surveyed the volunteers concerning their personal situations and found that four of the couples had no other place to go. We have invited those four couples to stay at the camp until the situation stabilizes. 

Tonight at five o’clock, we will go “dormant” as a camp. Over 95 % of our budget comes from people coming to camp. Now we have lost all of our income through the end of May and summer is obviously in question. We have cut expenses by furloughing staff and cutting every expense that we can think of. We have some savings, have applied for a small business loan, a line of credit at the bank and will apply for a loan tied to the stimulus package that was just passed by Congress.

We truly miss the partnership of churches coming to celebrate the Lord and worship in an atmosphere that is only found at camp. We hurt for the individuals who would have made decisions for Christ or heard how the Lord could have provided for their needs while here at camp.

Every day we meet as a staff and pray for our role as an asset to the local church. Please join us in praying for Prescott Pines Camp.

Giant Swing


(example above)

One of the reasons people come to camp is for adventure, to try something they have never done before or rarely get to do.  We want our guests to have the time of their lives and we are proud of the fact that people often comment that “there is so much to do here!”.  So, we are committed to always be expanding our adventure activities.  To offer new, exciting and fun recreation activities when people come to Prescott Pines.


Our next Adventure Activity is a Giant Swing!  By Giant we mean 30-40 feet high with three riders at a time. Adventurers would be hoisted up and then released for a thrill ride that is as safe and secure.  


We are excited that this Adventure would really enhance our guests experience at Prescott Pines. We want all of our guests to experience God through His creation, our care and authentic community.  A Giant Swing is just one more way for us to accomplish this.  

We are needing to rains approximately $40,000 to make this happen.  Won't you consider partnering with us to make this adventure a reality?

RV Haven


We love our volunteers here at Prescott Pines. 

Without volunteers we would not be where we are today in offering this property to help people experience God. Their sacrificial service to this camp has made such a positive impact upon our staff and our guests.


We want to do something special for them.


We have asked our volunteers (many who bring and stay in their own RV's/trailers) what would make your stay better and easier and we have heard over and over that a space just for them to meet, do laundry, get clean would be awesome. 

So... we are going to create a space that serves them as they serve here PPC.


Above you can see photos of our existing volunteer building.  It is in need of a remodel to make this a special place for our volunteers.  We have already started on the project and have a great plan.  We just need to the funding to complete it.  It will have  a large meeting space, three bathrooms with showers and a laundry facility. 

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to make this project happen.  Won't you consider partnering with us as in this great opportunity to do something special for those who do something special for Prescott Pines year in and year out?

Heart Parntners Scholarship Program

Children need camp! At camp, children experience community, grow in their relationship with God or maybe even discover their Creator’s love for the first time. They make new friends and get out into nature. Camp impacts their world view, transforms their self-image, and touches their hearts. Children need camp! With the economy in such a state, more and more families need scholarships. No one wants to hear that a child could not come to camp because they didn’t have the money. Send a child to camp and give them a life-long memory.