Frontier Village 2020

It is with a heavy heart that our Executive Leadership Team, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, have made the difficult decision to suspend operations for Frontier Village 2020. Because of the ever-changing landscape of quarantine regulations, our strong commitment to the health and safety of our campers, and our desire to be financially responsible with the long-term mission of this ministry, we do not see another path forward this year. We are eager to see you again in Summer 2021.

We know our camper families will grieve not returning to a place they love, a place that many call home. It’s devastating to imagine our property sitting empty this summer season. However, after consulting with public health officials, medical personnel, and Prescott business leaders, we believe this to be the wisest decision for everyone involved.


As you can imagine, losing our spring retreat season and suspending summer operations puts Prescott Pines in a very difficult financial position. Since September, we have spent a significant amount of money preparing for Summer 2020:

  • Recruiting & hiring summer staff

  • Improving our facilities

  • Adding new activities

  • Building new cabins 

  • Purchasing supplies for the summer


As a not-for-profit ministry, we have limited cash reserves. While we desperately want to run our summer program, taking a “wait and see” approach puts Prescott Pines at significant risk if we are forced to make this decision closer to summer. In the midst of this decision, we are Furloughing the majority of our staff. 


These are hard times for all of us. Instead of choosing fear, anxiety, or worry, we are encouraging our Prescott Pines family to stand firm on the spiritual foundations that we know to be true: God is Sovereign. God is good. While we don’t understand what He’s doing or how He will use this yet, we are confident that He is in control.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Because of Frontier Village, we had 78 campers accept Christ as their Savior, 32 rededicate their life to serving him and 36 commit to going to getting more involved in church! Please check back soon for more information on 2020 camps.

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