Youth Camp 2020

Thank you for joining us!

Because of Youth Camp 2019, we had 33 campers accept Christ as their Savior, 111 rededicate their life to serving him and 56 commit to going to getting more involved in church! 

Our Speakers

Jordan Francis

Originally from Birmingham, England; Jordan has a deep passion for reaching the next generation (Gen Z) and is an Executive Director of a Non-Profit called RLTK PHX that seeks to prepare people of influence to engage Gen Z. He is also a youth pastor in Central Phoenix at First Christian Church. He loves to learn and is currently pursuing credential to become a LPC so he can better engage the next generation based on their emerging needs. Jordan has an amazing wife named Kathleen and two children, Grace and Isaiah.

Brandon Grant

Brandon Grant is the founding and lead pastor of Rise City Church in Lakeside, CA - a suburb in East County San Diego. Brandon is married to the love of his life, Jamie, and they have four beautiful children - Elyse (9), Shepherd (7), Hope (5) and Connor (5). In 2013, Brandon and Jamie moved from Illinois to California to start Rise City Church. Since it’s launch, the church has quickly grown to 1,100 people, baptized over 300, given over $1.5 million away, and helped plant 8 new churches. Rise City was recently named on Outreach’s Top 100 list of reproducing churches in the United States. 

Our Band

The Jericho Project

Back in March of 2018 Zach Gonzales, Mari Baugh, Claudia Jimenez, and Filiberto Lechuga felt the Lord calling us together to serve through a worship ministry we are calling “The Jericho Project.” We were brought to the verses of Joshua 6 where the walls of Jericho fell. God instructed Joshua to lead his people and when the Lord instructed them to shout on the 7th day, they showed their love for the Lord through obedience. They blew their horns and shouted and the walls fell down. Just as Joshua was instructed by the Lord, our team has been instructed as well. God has already torn down walls in the hearts around us, and God is the one rebuilding. Rebuilding a generation of people who love, serve and obey him.